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When you buy the perfect furniture for your home, you are not only investing a good amount of money, but you are looking to create the perfect look. Your home is your biggest investment. Furnishing your home may be your second biggest investment. You want to take care of your expensive furniture, but daily living will wreak havoc on it.

You need professional upholstery cleaning; Steam & Dry Carpet Cleaning specialize in environmentally friendly upholstery cleaning. You know your life is already full of too many harsh chemicals. Why use more of them needlessly to clean your upholstery? Our methods are completely safe for the entire family - even your pets!

We begin the process of cleaning your upholstery with stain removal. The most important factor in stain removal in upholstery is to know what it is made of and the composition of the fibers in the furniture. Once we determine the exact type of fibers with which we are dealing, we can fine tune our organic solution to ensure that the stains will be removed while caring for the fabric itself.

With our method of cleaning you will see dramatic results in your upholstery, but you will also find that your upholstered furniture will last much longer. Harsh chemicals break down fabrics and can cause wear long before the life span of the furniture or upholstery has passed. Our cleaning process can virtually eliminate undue wear and stress on the fabric from which your upholstered furniture is made.

Over the past years Steam & Dry Carpet Cleaning technicians has faced virtually every type of cleaning obstacle on just about every type of upholstery fabric.

Before we begin work we carefully inspect your fabric and the construction of each piece of furniture before selecting the cleaning technique best suited to your material. Steam & Dry Carpet Cleaning solutions are formulated to provide the safest and most effective cleaning treatment for your furniture so you can extend the life of your investment.

The upholstery is cleaned using an extraction unit. The cleaning solution is applied to the furniture, and after the solution has loosened the soil, the soil and cleaning solution are extracted from the furniture. We will clean your upholstery with the highest level of customer service possible

We look forward to providing you with quality upholstery cleaning at a price you can afford. Get a FREE quote today, and benefit from our:


Our Upholstery Cleaning technicians specialize in cleaning all types of upholstery and fabrics (Even specialized fabrics such as cotton, Indian cotton, velvet, Linen and tapestry can be professionally cleaned without being damaged or discolored).


No mess, no worries and we guarantee that the fabrics on your furniture will not be damaged by harsh chemicals or abrasives


No messy shampoo!


Our cleaning process is safe for your family and pets


Our System offers several cleaning options to match any type of upholstery


We only use environmentally-friendly cleaning products


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